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Comments on Our Pacific Tiny Shrimp

"East Point Shrimp is the best canned shrimp on the market! There is no comparison to any other canned shrimps. It is always very clean, great taste and texture. I would go without if I couldn't order East Point. On top of that, your customer service is excellent!" ~ Jane, Shelby, Montana

"Back again to get the shrimp I love. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I am a steady customer and will buy from you as long as you are in business or I die. Ha! Thank you." ~ Julie, Folsom, California

"We had a beautiful shrimp salad last night for dinner and it was so nice to have a beautiful can of shrimp to add to the salad. We are very impressed with the quality of the shrimp. They were beautiful, and we are so thankful to get some quality shrimp. Thank you so much for our order and we will be ordering again." ~ Linda, Uintah, UT

"Just wanted to let you know that your shrimp is the best there is. I have been buying it for years and its the only one I will buy because the other canned shrimp does not cut it. Thanks for consistent high quality shrimp. I don't write anyone often but felt the need to. Thanks, Larry"

"Love your shrimp." ~ Paul, Randle, Washington

"Thanks for keeping the online store up & running. We appreciate being able to order directly from you & love these canned shrimp, especially in shrimp dip & salads." ~ L, Kent, Washington


Wild-Caught in the Cold North Pacific

East Point Seafood's shrimp is a fully-cooked and ready to eat product that includes delicious shrimp meat, pure water, a little salt, and some citric acid. There are no preservatives, artificial coloring, or added flavors—just the color, flavor, and texture naturally found in this exceptional seafood product.

As part of East Point’s commitment to the environment and total resource utilization, all shrimp shell is recovered and processed for use in organic agriculture, aquaculture, dietary supplements, and water treatment.

Locally Caught

East Point Shrimp is locally caught Our shrimp are caught by local West Coast fishermen in the deep, cold ocean waters off the coasts of Washington and Oregon, then immediately packed with ice and kept at 32-34 degrees. Boats returning to port off-load the shrimp either onto our own dock adjacent to the cannery, or at buying stations in ports from the Canadian border down to Northern California.

Our commitment to use only wild, locally harvested, fresh, cold water shrimp guarantees that the East Point canning process always begins with a high quality product that beats the warm water imported shrimp hands-down!

Locally Processed

East Point Shrimp is locally processed The shrimp canning process begins with a de-icing bath, then an innovative peeling mechanism that removes the exterior shell and heads, followed by washing, separation of any remaining shell, and blanching before moving to the inspection line. The inspection process is centered around a conveyor line and a team of workers along both sides whose job it is to spot and remove any and all particles of material other than pure, clean shrimp meat.

The shrimp are next conveyed through the canning stage where the meat is packed into cans and carefully weighed to ensure that each is properly filled. The cans are then closed, sealed, and immersed in 242-degree live steam and cooked for 20 minutes.

More About Shrimp

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