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Our canned seafood is caught and processed in U.S.A. Choose us for great taste.

Canned Smoked Mussels These smoked mussels are all natural, gluten free and raised in Washington state. They come in a flip top can. Everyone that tries them loves them and so will you!
Canned Tiny Shrimp Our Tiny Shrimp comes from the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. It has a light delicate flavor and is carefully hand-packed to lock in the great taste. We're convinced that, because it is locally harvested and locally processed, our shrimp beats the imports hands down.
Canned Tuna Our Tuna is high in heart-healthy omega-3 oils. Light, tender and delicious with a flavor that's hard to beat.
Canned Wild Salmon Our Salmon selections are the best the cold waters of the Willapa & Columbia Rivers have to offer. Try our regular or smoked Chinook, Sockeye & Coho. These great tasting salmon are loaded with flavor & heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Our salmon are wild caught, fancy packed, skinless with backbone removed. Try some today.
Canned Oysters There's a very good reason Willapa Bay Oysters are known the world over . . . the incomparable taste. East Point's succulent Willapa Bay oysters are canned as fresh as they can be using our own innovative methods to ensure superior quality and lock in the great taste of the Pacific Northwest.

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