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Who We Are and Where We Come From
On the banks of the Willapa river, in the woods of the southwest corner of Washington State not far from Willapa Bay and the Pacific Ocean, sits the small town of South Bend. This is the place where East Point Seafood Market makes its home. Here, protected from the storms of the Pacific by the Willapa and just a short sail downriver to reach fisheries fed by the Columbia river, we harvest, pack and ship world-wide the highest quality seafood products.

East Point Seafood on the WillapaThe sea and seafood runs deep in the blood of the people here. This is also the land of the Chinook and Chehalis, the indigenous peoples that harvested Salmon from the rivers, oysters from Willapa Bay and other delicacies from the Pacific. The first white settlers in the 1850s did the same in their Willapa Bay (then called Shoalwater Bay) oyster sloops. Over time South Bend and the Willapa Bay became known as the "Oyster Capital of the World" (In fact one out of every six oysters consumed in the United States today is harvested in Willapa Bay). In 1942 Erling H. Bendiksen purchased the small cannery that would become East Point Seafood. By 1948, he had firmly established a line of renown oyster products and began advertising and marketing their products to every point of the compass. As the years continued other seafood products were added including salmon, tuna, sturgeon, Dungeness crab and more. Smoked products also became a well known specialty. When Erling died in the late 1980's, East Point Seafood was sold to Joel Van Ornum and he continued Erling's commitment to quality and innovative seafood products.

Through the years as we have strived to produce the highest quality seafood products, we have also subscribed to an unwavering commitment of fairness in business dealings with our partners and fairness with our customers. We also have contributed to the fabric, life and growth of our South Bend/Willapa Bay community which, in turn, has lead to the growth and stability of East Point Seafood.
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Superior Processing For A Superior Product
East Point Seafood now processes a variety of seafood products fresh, frozen and canned. We are one of the few (if not the only) processor in the world to peel the shrimp before cooking. Yes, it may take a little more time to do it this way or cost a little more but this process ensures that the shrimp we produce does not have the 'off-flavor' that is caused by the presence of offal material when the shrimp are cooked whole. You get the full shrimp taste and nothing else. Additional steps during the production process assures that our shrimp products (fresh, frozen, or canned) are one of the best products on the market today. And this commitment to quality products extends to our other seafood lines as well. From salmon to crab to smoked sturgeon to Willapa Bay oysters, the commitment is the same: To offer the best tasting, competitively priced seafood we can. We welcome you to experience the East Point Seafood difference. We're sure you'll agree and come back again and again for more of what East Point Seafood has to offer.

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